Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud solution allowing you to reach your working goals, and an ecosystem for communication and creativity. Working environment for your employees is not only a physical spot and a set of devices but also up-to-date technological services.

Microsoft 365
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With Microsoft 365, your employees will be able to create files and collaborate from different locations, using any type of device. They will get cloud storage, shared data, calendars and online meetings to work efficiently.

The service includes Office programs, intelligent cloud services, and advanced tools for data protection. Licensed corporate software protects data from malicious attacks. Monthly program updates broaden the service functionality, while simple guidelines and 24/7 support help to quickly start working without any specific knowledge.

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Microsoft 365 features

24/7 access

With Microsoft 365, you have all online programs you need at hand, accessible from any browser. Files are automatically synchronized with all internet-connected devices. Use your laptop or smartphone anytime from anywhere

Cloud storage

Microsoft 365 Business plan provides for 1TB of OneDrive storage for every user. Your employees will get enough space to keep all kinds of company data, and Microsoft will protect data from external threats

Media content library

Microsoft 365 subscription cuts costs on purchasing the needed content. It includes access to a huge collection of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint templates, qualitative stock photos and vector images, video, fonts, and 3D content

Built-in professional editor

Microsoft Word and Outlook provide for a built-in Editor, which allows anyone to write qualitative texts. Microsoft 365 users also can connect the Editor for online communication

Working in teams

Collaborate with your colleagues on shared documents and track the results in real-time. Manage your calendar, keep in touch with your colleagues via email and messengers. Set tasks, conduct meetings, and supervise the business processes using a single managing platform

Settings and management

Easily configure, deploy, and manage new technologies. Simplify your routine tasks. Optimize everyday business processes by using Power Automate


Microsoft 365 benefits

Advanced data protection

Microsoft 365 incorporates up-to-date protection systems against virus attacks, hacking, and spam. It protects your company data from leakage and losing critical information, as well as devices, programs, and employees’ accounts

Enterprise level

Microsoft is known as a reliable business partner with vast opportunities on an enterprise-scale level. As a customer, you can rely on high-level support

Cost efficiency

There’s no need to pay extra money for programs you don’t use. Microsoft 365 allows its customers to save up by combining different working tools and choosing only those you need


Microsoft 365 allows you to gradually transfer to cloud solutions and do it in the most convenient way for you


Nowadays, more than one billion people use Office. When transferring to cloud services, Microsoft offers its customers familiar tools and technologies

Corporate benefit

Microsoft 365 tools allow its users to save time on IT infrastructure management. Thus, you get more resources for strategic projects boosting your business


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